Saturday, June 30, 2018

"Motives from the suburbs", "Motivi iz okolice"

A series of 30 gouache paintings I did at the end of 2016. on the base of my detour of the surrounding area of Zagreb/Croatia. Each painting features one of the suburbian villages which lay on the border of the city. The whole series is painted in a style inspired by Croatian naive artists and naive and outsider art in general.

The series is published in a book, which you can order here:

Football training / Ivanja Reka

On politics / Goranec

Old color factory / Zaprešić

German bunker / Zaprešić

Taking a nap / Popovec

Smoke everywhere / Rakitije
In front of the hairdressing salon / Sesvetski Kraljevec

Roads of Turopolje / Rakitovec

Sad Willow / Šašinovec

Three stoners / Turopolje

80kn with pedestal, 60kn without / Utrine

With mom at work / Velika Gorica
Visiting grandmother on All Saints day / Vukovina

Men / Podsused

Susedgrad / Podsused

Play / Petruševec

Coffee with milk /  Odra

Old lady / Markovo polje

The courtyard / Mala Mlaka

Grandmother from Lučko / Lučko
Grandson / Kozari bok

Mother and daughter / Klinča sela

Goat eating a plastic bag / Ježdovec

Girl coming home from school / Ašpergeri

News / Čučerje

Cistern for feces / Demerje

Waiting for the bus / Donji Stupnik

Black guy / Dugave

The fair / Jakuševec

Family business / Hrvatski Leskovac


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