Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bycicle diaries exhibition at Salon Galić, Split (Biciklistički dnevnik)

Exhibition I had in Split in during March 2017 in HULU Split, Gallery Salon Galić. The exhibition is called "Bycicle diaries" and featured 15 egg tempera paintings of run over animals aka. road kills which I did back in 2015. 


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Presentation at G Točka - Gavella with Kristian Novak

Had a nice presentation, alongside one of our best young writeres Kristian Novak, of my works at the Gavella theater. Here are some photos of the event (by Zvonimir Ferina)

Monday, March 13, 2017

Mural at the hospital Rebro in Zagreb

A mural I made on the entrance in the white building of the hospital KBC Rebro. The project was realized with the help of HDLUs project CreArt and was part of the PhD of my friend Melinda Šefčić

The goal of the project was to make the enviroment of the hospital a nicer place for the pacients, the doctors and the staff. I took as a reference the videogame Theme Hospital

Here is the mural alongside some process photos

The name of the mural is: "Monday", as the hospital is crowded like in the painting mostly on Mondays.

Press links:

"Motivi iz okolice" sketches, process part 2

While refering to Krsto Hegedušić and his drawings from the book "Podravski motivi" I also used the same compositions in some of the pieces. An exhibition will be held from in April in his museum in Petrinja.

Friday, March 3, 2017

"Motivi iz okolice" sketches, process part 1

Here you can see the process of my new series: „Motifs des environs zagrebois", in which I spent 4 months walking through the surrounding area of Zagreb, sketching on location and finishing the sketches in my studio.  The main source of inspiration were the legendary drawings from the book "Podravski motivi" by the croatian artist Krsto Hegedušić. 

So here are the sketches I picked them out randomly but chronologically...

1. step: A3 sketchbook drawings with pen on location

2.step -  Figuring out the style - First I wanted them to be just black and white drawings on old paper, but I figured it would be much more of a challenge to try to do them in color. I didn't want them to look to much like Hegedušić's drawings, also I wanted them to look a bit more "psychedelic"...

3. step : Then I just said what the hell and started to do tons of small format (8x10cm) sketches, from which I would chose about 30 to be made into 25x35 finished illustrations...