Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Parisian Nightmares - Soon out!

Soon to be out on the market! The "Parisian nightmares" comic, my very first book, on which I have been working for the last 2 years! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Exhibition of self-portraits in Zabok

Old baby

I was commissioned to do a child portrait, so in agreement with the client I made the baby in old painting style, making her look like a grown up and baby at the same time.

Symposium at Lošinj

On the symposium in Sv.Jakov, Veli Lošinj organized by the Viennese artist Silvia Grossman, where I met many nice artists from Vienna with whom I will have a group exhibition in the Kunstlerhaus in December alongside other Croatian artists.

Suthen Rain in Krivi put

In collaboration with Luka Hrgović I did this poster for Vizkultura,  Luka did the coloring, I did the drawing. The poster depicts a popular bar in Zagreb (Krivi put/Wrong way) in the moment of the fall of a sudden rain, where all the crowd starts to gather inside where they start to be hypnotized by the atmosphere and the music.

Zrće drawings

Stupid dogs and Fucking cats

Italian hills

Some sketch book insights from my bike trip trough middle Italy


 In July, Vladimir Tatomir and me organized the 2nd Antisalon in Medika - the alternative culture center where I have my studio. The concept was to give oportunity to all the artists that werent selected by the jury on the anual exhibition of the Youth Salon in HDLU, Zagreb to exhibit their work at our show.

Design by: Andro Giunio, Photos by: Nives Milješić

Zagreb city fashion watercolors

Cycling festival drawing

It should have been a chalk drawing workshop for children on a cyclists festival in Zagreb, but there came to few of I did everything with the help of my friend Ivan Kovačević - In the end it looked like there were 20-30 different children doing it.