Saturday, January 2, 2016

Road Kill Paintings

Here are the 15 illustration I have done for last years exhibition along Ivona Jurić named "Dead and Alive Nature". All paintings are done in egg tempera and are the size of a5-a3 paper.

Pisarovina landscape
Bycicle Diaries: The lowlands of Pisarovina

Little birds killed Sparrow Road kill Dead
Dead birds

Dead Hedgehog Snake Black Cat Road kill
Dead Hedgehog, Dead Snake and Dead Cat

Road kill fox animal dead
Dead Fox

Frog Road kill kills roadkill
Dead Frogs

Mountains, Road kills Road kill
The Monte Negro Mounrains, The Mountains of Dubrovnik, The Albanian Highlands

Road kill turtle run over car dead animals illustration egg tempera illumination
Dead Turtles

Egg tempera road kill birds
Dead Birds

Egg tempera, illustration, Road kill
Dead Dog 1

Egg tempera, road kill, illustration, painting
Dead Dog 2

Umbria, egg tempera, road kills
Italian Hills

egg tempera, painting, drawing, illustration, roadkill
Dead Cat, Mole, Hedgehog, Gecko and Cat

Roadkill, egg tempera, dead animal, illustration, illumination, painting
Dead Bird, Squirell, Bird, Mouse, Mouse

Roadkill, egg tempera, illustration, illumination, road kill, dead animal
Dead Snake and Dead Badger

Dead animal, skin, egg tempera
Unkown Road kill

Egg tempera, heaven, badger, snake, bycicle, cat, turtle
Intergalactic wastes of Heaven