Friday, November 17, 2017

The life of Ivan Meštrović illustrations

14 illustrations about the life of Ivan Meštrović published by the Ivan Meštrović museum, Split.
His birth in Vrpolje, 1883.

Growing up in Otavice

First apprenticeship in Split

Studying in Vienna (falling in love with Ruža Klein,1904.)

First public sculpture in Zagreb - "The Well of Life"

Life in Paris - becoming very famous, 1908.

Back to Otavice

Church of the Holy Crikvine-Kašilac in Split

Starting a family with new wife Olga in Zagreb, 1927./28.-1941.

Staying in Split, 1932.-1941.

Imprisoned in WW2 by the Ustaša, then released and moved to Rome, 1942.-46.

Ending his life in the USA as a professor of sculpture, 1947.

Transcended into eternity from his Mausouleum in Otavice in 1962.

The cover of the book

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