Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The biggest mural in Croatia (Najveći mural u Hrvatskoj)

 Some photos and sketches from the process and final mural. Was nice working for a month on this wall with my dear friends and colleagues: Lav Paripović, Martin Hrastić, Damir Sobota and Domink Vuković  -without you this would have been impossible, thank you for your help!

The final piece by night, looks like a comic book installation from outer space (photo by  David Ogulic)

The first wall that we've done was this laptop in the middle of the 200m2 wall. From there we started to build up the story left and right

Mr Lav, at work

Lunchtime 15m above the ground

Mr Martin helping me with the thread for making straight lines

Relaxing after lunch

The unfinished panorama of the wall

The kiss, in color

And the last wall, with the airport scene

And here are the sketches from the process:

This was one of the final sketches for the wall. And I think its good we changed it to the comic book concept...

Some pilot sketches 

These are the very first brainstorm sketches I did....


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