Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Illusion of Hrelic

People buying...

The interesting thing about this painting is that it was overpainted the very next day it was done. The only parts that where painted over was the figure and two little bottles of rum at the bottom. So it is obvious that the old man himself did it. I had to wash his paint away and paint him again, but this time with sun glasses and a mustache so it would maybe stop him from recognizing himself and being ashamed (or whatever the reason was he overpainted it).

I painted the pillars of the underpass under which people usually walk their way to the sunday fair of Hrelic. I painted three randomly chosen people that are usually selling right by the side of the colummns. So its a kind of respect given to people selling on the fair. And at the same time a monumet given to Hrelic.

While working there I was in the company of Lonac, a fellow artist, who also did one column (he will do the second as well as I will do the fourth when we get the permission). Our paintings are actually part of a bigger iniciative by the association of "Kontraakcija", who are the founders of the project "Muzej Kvarta"which is working on different cultural activities around New Zagreb.

The paintings are painted in acrylic, and are cca 220cm x 250cm large

Here is a link to Lonac's page...

And a link to the homepage of Kontraakcija for more information