Friday, December 2, 2016


For a long time I haven't been doing any oil paintings, but I've got comissioned to paint something, so I did the "Zagrepčanka" buliding, the tallest and coolest buliding in Zagreb...

Oil on canvas

Friday, October 28, 2016

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Book cover for Andrija Škare "Slušaj me"

Here is a book cover I did for the new book of my dear friend Andrija with his columns from about an interesting subjec: Music which is about literature. I also did a portrait of him on the backside...

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sketchbook insights (Florence, Croatia, Los Angeles, San Francisco)


From the Main Bus Station, Zagreb

Baba in Drage

Vrgada island

Bus Station in Zadar

Baka Marica

Luka visiting my studio, and me in the tram


Santa Croce garden

Borgello museum sketches

A concert in Teatro del Salle, Florence

Tuscany watercolor

My favorite public sculpture in Florence: Persus by Benvenutto Cellini

The biggest St Francis church - Santa Croce, Florence

The backside of San Lorenzo, Florence

Inside Santa Croce

San Lorenzo frontal view, Florence ( I really like thos Bruneleschi churches)

Luka visiting Florence

Tena also visiting with some frescoe scketches from Santa Maria Novella 

Selfy with comment on Massacios Holy Trinity in Santa Maria Novella

Romantic sketch by the Duomo

Tena on the phone


A drunk friend

The Florentine Duomo at sunset

Santo Spirito from inside

Angioni self portrait

Night Nude drawing at the Florence Academy of Arts

The Pantheon with pencil in Rome


Split Riva

Split sketches

Split Diocletian palace detail



Portrait of Andrija Škare for the backside of his new book


Tena with Hops the Cat

Tena sleeping


From the plane

Window view in North Hollywood

Met the great comic book artist Craig Thompson at some random artfair at NOHO, Thanks for the drawing!!

Hollywood sign sketch

Streets of LA

Venice Beach

Griffith observatory

Hanging out at home

The "One Million Dollar Theater" on S Broadway

Downtown LA sunset

Metro sketches

Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena

California hills

Golden gate bridge, San Francisco

Little Italy, San Francisco

Santa Monica pier

At the vynil shop

Luka reading

Tena and Silent Night Deadly night drawing

Pivnica Tomislav terrace

Some bush and "Sleep away Camp" last scene drawing