Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Croatian writers

These are just some of the 24 portraits i did in the last 2 months for an Anthology of Croatian writers

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Another oversized portrait, this time of my younger brother Matija....

Oil on Canvas, 2010.

Homage to Garlic

An hommage to Garlic and Rene Magritte at the same time. Took more effort painting it then i tought...

Oil on Cardboard, 2010.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Oversized portrait of my father painted in rectangular parts, five randomly painted each day.

200 x 150 cm
Oil on canvas, 2009.

The Atrofini Relationship

An hommage to Van Eycks Arnolfini Portrait, with my friends Nikolina and Luka in the interior of Luka's kitchen with other symbols.

82 x 59,5 cm
Oil on panel, 2010.

Luka as Hunter

Luka Hrgović, my very good friend and great young film director depicted as a 18 century hunter, with symbols of his debitant film "Etida", here is a link to one of the trailers:


190 x 120 cm
Oil on canvas, 2010.


Portrait of the young art critic Fedja Gavrilovic

10 x 10 cm
Oil on canvas, 2010.

My Sister 2

Josipa on her second year of high school.

30 x 25 cm
Oil on Canvas Board, 2010.

My Sister 1

Josipa (my sister) on her first year of high school.

30 x 25 cm
Oil on Canvas Board, 2009.

My little brother Roko

35 x 17,5 cm
Oil on Canvas Board, 2008.

Romatic Rene

My very good friend and fellow painter Rene. An hommage to the French rococo painter Watteau.

67,2 x 47 cm
Oil on cardboard, 2009.

The Seminar Delivery

Again, Sabic, Luka and myslef giving a seminar to our Art History teacher prof. Quien painted in Early reneissance manner.

78,5 x 67 cm
Oil on Canvas Board, 2009.

Adoraton of the Friend

My friends Sabic and Luka in the historical moment of comming to my class and admiring me as I paint.

20 x 40 cm
Oil on Canvas Board, 2009.

Bandic on Horse

This is an aristocratic portrait of Zagreb's major Milan Bandić on a horse, done for him. It is now hanging somewhere in the Zagreb city goverment building. Hope its somewhere where it is seeable.

150 x 120 cm
Oil on canvas, 2009.

Nude Cat

My Cat painted "nude" as an hommage to reneissance women painted without clothes :)

42 x 64 cm
Oil on cardboard, 2009.

Delego de Manifesto

This painting depicts the great historical event in Croatian Art history of me commiting the Manifesto to our Art student society "Ilirski zmaj" (Iliric dragon).

150 x 93 cm
Oil on canvas, 2009.

The Speach of prof. Kauzlaric-Atac

This painting depicts my academy teacher prof. Kauzlarić-Atač holding a speach when the whole class gathers round and the sky opens and angels start listening as well.

85 x 68 cm
Oil on Canvas Board, 2009.

Self Portrait with 22 years

This is a self portrait painted when I was 22 years old as an hommage to Durer's which he painted at the same age

57 x 45 cm
Oil on canvas, 2009.

Ana and Sabic

This is a portrait of my friends and college's from my Academy ... Ana (http://anasladetic.com/), and Šabić (http://miransabic.com/), painted in oil as an hommage to Grant Wood's legendary painting "American Gothic"

100 x 80 cm
Oil on canvas, 2008.